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Requires zero maintenance
Leverage existing content to power your chatbot, and reduce the time your staff spend on chatbot upkeep.
Always up-to-date
Automatically connect your content to your chatbot, meaning students always receive accurate responses.
Assists students 24/7
With the majority of queries being handled out-of-hours, start your Monday morning with an empty inbox.
Retains human oversight
Review every message sent by your bot (in real time!), ensuring your team has full visibility of each conversation.

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“The results so far have been staggering. Pearl bot is not only helping us improve communications with our students but is also freeing up our time, allowing us to have more valuable conversations with students - the conversations that really do require human interaction.”

Essau Tover
Santa Monica College

“We are so impressed that our chatbot was trained and launched within a few days! The scale of what we can already do with the bot is fantastic, and we’re also really excited about the continued building of skills and knowledge as our chatbot learns over time.”

Danielle Wedderburn
Goldsmiths University

“My experience of implementing the Gecko chatbot has been wonderful. We've never felt confused or on our own, we've had full support through the entire process.”

Maria Juarez
Amarillo College

“The expertise, teaching style and patience shown by Gecko's onboarding team were paramount in guiding us through every step of the implementation process. We were able to fast-track our set-up thanks to their guidance.”

Lesley Pearson
Texas Women's University

“Our chatbot is an essential part of our team, and being available 24/7 means that customer service doesn’t have to be sacrificed when there is a staffing shortage.”

Kayce O'Brien
Arapahoe Community College

“We loved being able to flood the bot with lots of questions and then seeing how we could use those questions to improve our bot. Adding a personality to our bot was great, and we even taught the our bot to sing the Welsh national anthem!”

Matt Bevan
Cardiff Met University

Questions we're often asked

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How does this demo work?
Upon entering your email address, we'll identify your website domain and proceed to crawl your web pages. Then we mix in some Gecko secret sauce to create a ChatGPT-powered bot that's trained on your school's information, before using that data to answer your questions.
How is this different to using ChatGPT directly? What magic does Gecko provide?
When used out the box, ChatGPT is only knowledgeable about events prior to September 2021, and it is prone to 'hallucinating' (i.e. making up answers). Gecko uses the best bits of ChatGPT, while constraining its knowledgebase to your school's data and adding a layer of control around the messages that are written for students. Finally, ChatGPT isn't the best tool for every scenario, so Gecko leverages additional AI partners for certain tasks where appropriate.
Does this integrate with our existing systems?
ChatGPT may be the new kid on the block, but Gecko's AI chatbot has long been integrated with systems offered by Higher Ed's top vendors, such as Microsoft Dynamics, Anthology, Ellucian, Salesforce, TargetX, Slate and many more.
Where can I learn more about Gecko's chatbot product?
Schedule a conversation with our team to learn more, or visit our website at